Ashley March

Our very own Colorado girl (well, via Texas, but who’s counting) Ashley March will join us for the September 13th Salon!!

After spending countless hours memorizing both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, perfecting her tones, and practicing her speaking with any Chinese native she could find, Ashley successfully graduated with a degree in Mandarin Chinese. She was determined to be the next best Chinese translator in the world. Then she discovered writing romances was as much fun as reading them, and her Chinese capabilities have never been the same. When she isn’t writing historical and contemporary romance, Ashley stays busy trying to entertain her two young daughters, attempting to do housework, and hiking in the beautiful foothills of Colorado.
Ashley will be giving away a copy of her newest book, ROMANCING THE COUNTESS, as well a copy of her debut, SEDUCING THE DUCHESS. She will also have trading cards, bookmarks and some other swag for everyone.
A brand-new Victorian romance novella from the author of Seducing the Duchess!

Follow acclaimed author Ashley March, praised by Booklist for her “elegant writing [and] sizzling sexual chemistry,” into the world of Victorian romance, where Lady Cecily Bishop—promised by her parents to a stranger—must fend off the seductive games and heady caresses of Baron Sedgwick….a task that becomes more difficult with each soul-searing kiss…


Sebastian Madinger, the Earl of Wriothesly, thought he’d married the perfect woman-until a fatal accident revealed her betrayal with his best friend. After their deaths, Sebastian is determined to avoid a scandal for the sake of his son. But his best friend’s widow is just as determined to cast her mourning veil aside by hosting a party that will surely destroy both their reputations and expose all of his carefully kept secrets…
Leah George has carried the painful knowledge of her husband’s affair for almost a year. All she wants now is to enjoy her independence and make a new life for herself-even if that means being ostracized by the Society whose rules she was raised to obey. Now that the rumors are flying, there’s only one thing left for Sebastian to do: silence the scandal by enticing the improper widow into becoming a proper wife. But when it comes to matters of the heart, neither Sebastian nor Leah is prepared for the passion they discover in each other’s arms….


It was just another scandalous night…
Gambling. Carousing. Flirting. Charlotte, Duchess of Rutherford, will do anything to create a scandal large enough to force her husband to finally petition for a divorce. Once madly in love with Philip, she is now determined to escape from their less than civil marriage and the reminders of his betrayal.

Until he stole her away…
Philip Burgess, Duke of Rutherford, is not a man to tolerate regrets. He wed Charlotte for revenge, not for love or convenience, knowing she would come to hate him. But he never expected he would one day find himself craving her attention or desiring her company…

And gave her something more…
Philip is no longer the cold, deceitful man she married years ago. And when he promises Charlotte a divorce if she will help him become a better husband for another woman, she wonders if she truly wants to lose him—and if Philip may still possess her heart after all…


Maisey Yates

There’s a first time for everything and for this one we brought in an amazing woman to play guinea pig.

The September 12 salon will have a very special new feature we are test driving, authors via SKYPE!!

Oh the windows to the western world have opened and we are jumping through guns blazing, but do you KNOW who we got to play guinea pig?

Maisey Yates.

Yep. That’s right. Maisey Yates the amazing.

a little about Maisey from the author:

“At the age of twenty-three, while pregnant with her third child, Maisey Yates sold her first manuscript to Harlequin Presents. She was very glad the good news didn’t send her into labor!

Maisey lives with her supportive, handsome, husband and three children in Southern Oregon. She enjoys the contrast of living in a place where you might wake up to find a bear on your porch, then heading into her home office to write stories that take place in exotic, urban locales.”

Maisey will be reading from her newest release Marriage Made On Paper which comes out TODAY in trade paperback and September 1, 2011 on Kindle.

So go track her down and congratulate her on the release of her new book!

You can find her on her website, Facebook, and Twitter!

Maisey we are looking forward to our little experiment! Thank you SO MUCH for joining us for the Denver Lady Jane’s Salon!

Pretend Marriage, real wedding night!

When ambitious public relations expert Lily Ford signs a contract with hot-shot property tycoon Gage Forrester, she inadvertently signs her life away! A tough taskmaster, he wants Lily at his beck and call 24/7.

Gage expects employees to go above and beyond. So, when he needs to generate some positive PR , his solution is completely unexpected – he proposes to Lily! All in the name of business, of course.

This may be a deal struck on paper, but Gage is a stickler for tradition: his bride must wear white on their wedding night!

August Salon

August Denver Lady Jane’s Salon

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2011
Time: 7:00pm to 9:00pm
LocationThe Wine Loft at LoDo (1527 Wazee St. Denver, CO 80202)
Note: While food and drinks are available, it is not required to order a meal or to drink wine in order to attend this event.

Guest Authors:

Sherry Isaac – by proxy

Victoria Dahl – It’s Always Been You – by proxy

Third Author TBA (stay tuned!)
Entrance Fee: $5.00 cash or one gently used romance book (proceeds go to Hope House of Colorado)

For more information fill out this form: