Maya Rodale

I write tales of true love and adventure, with sassy heroines, dashing heroes and witty repartee. And swashbuckling. And sex. I began reading romance novels in college at my mother’s insistence and shortly after that I began to write them as well. I am now the proud author of multiple Regency historical romance novels. Along the way, I’ve also studied women and their role in fiction, earning both a BA and a Masters degree from New York University.

  • FAQS: Do I base characters on people I know? Do I have a pet fox? Click here to find out the answer to those questions and more!
  • My 2012 Challenge: How to be the heroine of my own life. Check out my blog for reports on those adventures.
    I think romance novels are dangerous. Revolutionary, even. Find out why.
    Hey writers! Here’s a selection of my blog posts writing.

I also got married, so I am now a Wife. We had a very organic and green wedding, and you can read an article about it (including my tips) here. Naturally, we were married by a very special license–a self-uniting marriage license, in fact. How cool is that?

And then there is Penelope. Every superheroine needs a sidekick, and she’s mine. Contrary to popular belief, she is NOT a fox. She is a Shiba Inu, but I suspect she thinks she is a princess.

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Denver’s Lady Jane’s is excited to have Maya read from her new release The Tattooed Duke at the March 13th, 2012 salon.