Author Information

Are you a romance author?

Would you like to reach out personally to your readers?

Come to the Denver Lady Jane’s Salon!!

We are no longer hindered by our geography, the Denver Lady Jane’s Salon offers a couple ways to participate with your readers:

1. SKYPE!! We recently added SKYPE reading to our bag of tricks. You call in using one of our accounts and read from your new release, followed by a conversation with your readers!

2. TWITTER!! If you can’t Skype for whatever reason, you can join us via twitter! One of our talented Proxy readers will read your selection live then you will be able to chat with the ladies and gents in the salon via Twitter!

3. No Skype and no twitter? FACEBOOK!! You bet we can do interviews via Facebook, we’re no amateurs here.

4. Of course if you happen to be traveling to Denver and would be in town on a second Tuesday LET US KNOW!!

Here is what DLJS will do for you:

1. Author spotlight on the blog for the month of your appearance, which will include bio, snippets, buy links, and whatever other info you would like to share.

2. promo via twitter and Facebook not only for the month of your appearance but whenever we see a little bit of news that we can repost to our followers! Once a Lady Jane, always a Lady Jane I say.

3. hand out any promo you choose to send along for us, even a copy of the book, bookmarks, trading cards, etc.

Contact us through the following form to check availability for the month of your new release (we like to have you read the same month you have a book come out, but that is not always possible, so it isn’t a rule set in stone.)

Jenn will get back to you with the available dates and more info for your virtual visit to Denver.


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